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Embark on an adventure with the Raiden License, an essential reference in eSports! Immerse yourself in thrilling competitions where bold champions clash in captivating virtual arenas. Explore an exciting competitive universe, take on strategic challenges, and climb the ranks. With Raiden, get ready to experience unique gaming moments, combining talent, determination, and teamwork. Join a community of passionate players and become part of the elite competitors. Ready to take on the challenge? Onward to victory!

Raiden, eSport for all

Subsonic™ offers a collection that is surfing on the eSport development with its Raiden brand. Complete range of accessories with a good value for money for a "look & feel" and a strong marketing promise. Streaming, and enhancing your setup in eSport mode is now possible for everybody.

pc ps4 ps5 switch xbox serie x

Stream pack pro

Complete kit on PC to start streaming and make your own videos of gaming sessions.

Key features:

• Compatible PS5, PS4, Xbox serie X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.
• 1 video capture box
• 1 USB-USB 3.0 cable (length 60 cm)
• 1 camera with attached USB cable 150 cm
• 1 microphone + tripod
• 1 Mini USB-USB cable (length 150 cm)

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Stream pack pro
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